Bio-Resonance Therapy For Home Use

What is frequency therapy?

BICOM is a frequency device which uses the bio-resonance method for both diagnosis and treatment.  This device, which was developed by Dr. Morell, operates in the 10Hz – 150kHz frequency range.

When a specific ogan is damaged, it can be diagnosed by identifying the disruption of its frequency. BICOM treats the affected wave and thus improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Bicom device has an Israeli standard (SI 1011) and is registered in AM”R, the Medical Device Register (of the Medical Devices and Accessories Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Health.)

How It Works?

Like the BICOM device, which transmits healthy frequencies to the body and frequencies against viruses and diseases, the spray preparations have been loaded with specific frequencies (for each problem individually). The frequencies have been charged so powerfully that the preparation becomes a “frequency transmitter” like the BICOM itself, so that by external contact, they transmit therapeutic frequencies to the body. The frequencies in the various preparations are for support in the coronavirus condition, support for weight loss, support to improve attention and concentration, radiation cleansing, energy cleansing, support to stop bedwetting, to strengthen scalp hair, for detox from addictions and more.

When a pathogen is found (virus, bacterium, parasite…) it can be neutralized by transmitting the reverse of its wave as a mirror image.

Thus the pathogen is weakened and the immune system can work more easily. In addition, reinforcing waves are transmitted. In a similar way, all organs of the body can be treated. Each organ has its own characteristic frequency. When an organ is weakened, a dis-harmonious wave takes over and disrupts its normal functioning. BICOM strengthens the harmonic waves of the organ under treatment and weakens the dis-harmonic waves which cause the disease.

The text relies on a frequency medicine approach. To remove all doubt, this information and these preparations do not constitute an authoritative medical recommendation and are not intended to serve as a recommendation for a change in dosage or for stoppage of any medication. The text does not constitute an authoritative medical recommendation and is not intended to guide the public or to be used as a recommendation or instruction or advice.  Pregnant women, the chronically ill and those who are taking any prescription medications should consult a doctor before use.


The perfumes simply amaze me beyond description!! I just can't describe it!! I see it in relation to myself, children, my partner, society!! In everything
Not only am I focused, but I feel like I understand more in class. I haven't touched Ritalin in half a year!
In a meaningful way, I have much more motivation and energy for work. To broaden my mind. And not just at work, but in general as well. Thank you very much!

I feel like I can handle more, and I'm less irritable.
I started using hair strengthening drops about two weeks ago, it really really helped me. I hardly have any hair loss at all, which is important to me because of the chlorine in the pool (I swim a few times a week). I want to thank you for this, thank you.
I have a few lines on my forehead, but since using the "facial brightening" treatment, the lines have almost disappeared!!!
On Saturday, my little 8-year-old woke up with a terrible headache and a horrible mood. She was sad, angry, and crying, and it was really distressing for both her and those around her. I decided to apply the remedy "Speeding up Recovery " and after an hour, she returned to her usual self - happy, cute, and in a good mood. We had a really nice Saturday.

Our Remedies

The remedies were charged with frequencies similar to the frequencies used in the clinic treatment.
The spray is composed of: alcohol, magnesium and water.

The remedy can be obtained in the following places:

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