Protection from lice

In the preparation “protection from lice “, frequencies which are the reversal of the wave characteristic of lice have been loaded. As a result, lice do not have an energetic space which is comfortable for them, they become weaker and are less likely to be attracted.

בתכשיר הוטענו תדרים בדומה לתדרים שניתנים בטיפול בקליניקה.

חומר התרסיס: מים, אלכוהול ותמצית קמומיל.
התרסיס מכיל לפחות 130 התזות

The remedy is based on knowledge from the field of frequency medicine, it is not a recognized drug and does not replace conventional medical treatment.



Instructions for use: one spray on each side of the neck, three times a day.

Protection from lice


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